[PFE 2014 ] 12 sujets PFE Informatique chez ROSAFI

Subject 1 : Libguestfs API

Libguest is a set of tools for accessing, modifying and monitoring Virtual Machines (VM) disk images. You will create an API based on our list of actions that places a libguest layer between VM’s and disk images. The layer you created controls the access to the disk image of the VM, monitors it, offers the possibility to back it up etc.

Subject 2 : Maxmind

You will create an API for our own SMS gateway solution. Once a client signs up for one of our products a verification will take place by using his personal details such as sending him a message to his mobile phone.

Subject 3 : VMWare ESX & VMWare workstation connector

VMWare is one of the most popular hypervisors used in virtualization and Cloud computing. You will build a connector based on the featured that we provide you. Eventually the connector allows our Cloud solution to support these hypervisors.

Subject 4 : Microsoft HyperV” connector

You will build a connector based on the features that we provide you with.
Eventually the connector allows our Cloud solution to support these hypervisors.

Subject 5 : Virt. V2V API

Virt. V2V is a solution that converts Virtual Machine’s (VM’s) from the most common used hypervisors Xen and VMWare to run on a KVM hypervisor. You will create an API based on this library.

Subject 6 : ZeroVM connector

ZeroVM is the latest – and very new – hypervisor in virtualization and it has unique features. You will create an API for it based on the features we provide you.

Subject 7 : Encrypting solution for any source code

Using C++ or Java you develop a solution that can encrypt any source code by using algorithms.

Subject 8 : iOS & Android application

You will develop (both) an iOS and Android application for our existing Cloud solution and its basic features we provide you with.

Subject 9 : Traffic analyzer for servers

You will create a traffic database based on the features we offer you. An API that manages multiple remote access sessions to hosts/servers, set logs and alert policies etc.

Subject 10 : VXLAN

You will research three alternatives for VLANs in Cloud virtualization; VXLAN, Nvgre & STT. Based on your extensive research you will choose in cooperation with Rosafi one of them to develop as an alternative for VLAN’s. VLAN’s are used in virtualization to connect different Virtual Machines (VM’s) to each other through a virtual netwo

Subject 11 : Command Line Interface tool

Build a command line interface tool to manage all the features of a Cloud platform and build a repository for debian/redhat to install the tool through parameters settings.

Subject 12 : Your PFE suggestion

If you have a good idea about a solution related to Cloud computing and SaaS please contact us. We are happy to consider your suggestion as your PFE.


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