[Latex Video Tutorial] How to Create a Resume or CV in Latex

One of the most frequent questions my colleagues ask me is how to create a Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV), if you will, in LaTeX. I have a style file that was passed to me by a friend who found it on Internet. Since this looked good I used it and, thanks to the original contributor, I am going to share it with you all today. You will be able to download these files and create a professional Resume for yourself. 
The files can be download from the linked locations:
The Resume.tex file (main document)
The Class file res.cls (for page setting)
In the video tutorial, attached below, I have explained how to change the text for your needs. The structure of the Resume (or CV) is highly flexible and once you get hold of the basics it will be pretty straight forward for you to tweak it for your own use. 
I have tried to add the basic sections that are present in most of the Resumes but you will most probably add more depending on your requirements. I am pretty sure it will be easy for you to add or remove a particular section. 
Please leave a comment with a link to your Resume if you were able to use this template successfully. This will motivate me to work harder to bring you even cooler stuff. Moreover, please comment with requests if you want me to do a video tutorial of a specific topic.

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