[PFE-2020] 22 projets fin d'études chez Primatec Engineering

Primatec Engineering, as a prominent offshore outsourcing company specialized in the test and development of electronic controllers, delivers solutions that help clients achieve their goals quickly and without any hassle. Unlike other companies, we don’t just promise excellence, but take effective measures to ensure best results. Reliability, efficiency, and expertise are our core principles.

“We don’t just promise, we succeed!”

Project 01: Test Environment Setup Graphical Tool

Description of the Project:
The purpose of the project is to implement a graphic design tool to configure and validate the Test Environment setups. The lab responsible will configure the connectors/links to the different pins of the different HW components.

Friendly user interface, Export import configuration - Module Automotive Testing System 1.Graphic design Module (HW components/Links toolbox). 2. Parsers/generators (excel, json, xml). 3. Schema validator module.

Project 02: Test Process Assessment Dashboard

Description of the Project:
 A data dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays the key performance indicators (KPI). The purpose of the project is to collect all the data related to the test process and generate KPI’s for test process assessment. The idea is to use the collected data to measure the efficiency of the test activities (the Bugs found, the Incidents recorded…etc) and the team workload in order to detect the project risks.

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